Welcome to ediide We implement EDI solutions

A new start

A fresh platform build off of the most well developed and flexible components available today.

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All formats supported

No matter which format you use for import and export of your edi data... we can handle it.

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Easy to Use

We provide all the tools you need to connect your system to our services.

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A modern interface

Portal input

If you can't export edi data for some or all of the needed messages, you can input them in our portal and have them delivered in any format you need

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Secure service

In every interaction you have with our portal we make sure your data is kept safe with the best of the modern encryption standadrds.

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Our modern edi system includes:

  • Secure interchange of your valuble data
  • Concise syntactical specification of message format
  • High flexibility to have it fit your needs
  • Built-in scalability through modular system design
  • Support for simple or complex data validation
  • Edi data input/output through our portal
  • Competitive pricing

We have every intention of providing the highest quality in electronic data interchange and doing it because we want to make sure you will become our satisfied customer.